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Hi Joanne,

What a pleasant surprise! I was not expecting a welcome lady when you arrived. What a nice kind of old-fashioned idea. You can be sure we will be using many of the gift coupons that you provided.

We are especially looking forward to Nason's Stonehouse Farm this week-end for sure, but also the Topsfield House of Pizza,McKinnon's, Richardson's ice cream,Supino's and the American Barbecue. I'm also happy to learn about the Card$Mart(always buying cards,) the cleansers in the center and can't wait to try Francie's Boutique.

Your name will be mentioned as the one to introduce us to these places. I'm sorry I wasn't able to offer you a cup of tea or coffee since the SOS tech was here. He also gave a thumbs up to many of the places you mentioned. Again,Thank you so much and it is a great service you offer.


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Boxford Newbury

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