We are Community Greetings and our mission is to be your good neighbor.

When you have lived in one place for a while, you have your own network for the goods and services you need.

When moving into one of our neighborhoods you can turn to us when you need something.

We provide you with the information and advise you need to make it through some of life's most challenging changes.

Whether you're new to town or an established resident who's needs have changed, you surely have questions.

Community Greetings has answers..

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DanversPeabody Boxford


Wendy is a treasure! My family juat moved to the area, from south shore and need to find new, well, everything. Doctors, dentist, hairstylist, dog groomer, really everything. Wendy came right to my new place and had all the info and numbers for town offices, voter regiatation forms, even the form i need to get my dogs licensed. Then she got to an amzing goddie bag that has brochures. coupons and a contact sheet and goodies from evey type of provider you might need to find in a new town. She customized the info for my family which has my mother, child and dogs and she had something in there to meet whatever might come up for any of us. Absolutely amazing experiance! Michelle Tavares

ericWendy is a wonderful, kind, and knowledgable person! I loved having her come to my new home to welcome myself and my daughters! She gave me lots of helpful information about the Danvers area. I loved all my welcome gifts!! I would definitely recommend her services to anyone moving into the Danvers/Peabody area.
Erin Church McKinnon

NinaWendy is very kind, knowledgeable and thoughtful. I was completely touched by my welcoming gifts. What a lovely and thoughtful business! Thank you so much!!!
Nina Mitchell

Joanne was an absolute delight. She arrived with a bag of treasures and enthusiastically explained all the goodies. My husband and I have lived in a nearby town and yet many of the coupons encourage us to try new vendors previously unknown. We will thoroughly enjoy trying them. It was a special experience with Joanne.
Hank & Mary

I’ve been working with Community Greetings for over 15 years now.  There is nothing like getting a personal recommendation from Wendy or Joanne.  We have found many loyal customers over the years thanks to them.
Darren M. Hamilton
Central Cooling and Heating

Community Greetings continues to be the most successful advertising for my business. It gives me a great opportunity to meet new clients and help them with their window treatment needs as they settle into a new home. It is so rewarding for me to meet new people and build lasting relationships within my community. It is a pleasure to do business with Joanne. She is friendly and professional – the perfect person to represent my business. I highly recommend Joanne from Community Greetings!
Karen Young - Gotcha Covered - Custom Window Treatments

Joanne - Thank you so much for welcoming my family and I to Boxford. I am thrilled that you took the time to gather so much information for me. We will have plenty to read this evening. I will be using quite a few of these awesome coupons, and offers right away. I had no idea that the Tri County offered so much to us!!
Thank you - The Galvao Family



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