Wendy Pearl


Wendy Pearl was raised in Peabody and graduated from PVMHS.
After College she settled in Danvers and has been a resident ever since.

She is an active member of the Peabody Chamber of Commerce, various civic organizations, and gets involved in many community services.

She is well known in her communities to both residents and merchants and is happy to go out of her way to assist you in your transition.

Wendy has over 20 years of experience in the advertising and home greeting business, and has been a recreational therapist in the healthcare profession for over 18 years.

Wendy represents the communities of Danvers & Peabody.


My husband and I just moved to Peabody. Being brand new to the community we were only familiar with businesses that were in close proximity to our neighborhood. We couldn’t be happier that Wendy came and welcomed us to the neighborhood! She brought so much knowledge about the community and was able to sit and answer any questions we had. What a great touch it was having someone welcome us and also the bag of goodies that comes with it doesn’t hurt either! It’s looking like we made a great decision moving to Peabody!
Kimberly Michelle

Wendy was so helpful! She really is an incredible resource! I’ve lived in Peabody most of my life and she still taught me more about what our community has to offer! Thank you Wendy!
Amy Riley Lanning

Wendy is WONDERFUL! I've never heard of anyone welcoming newcomers to a community this way before and it was such a pleasant surprise. Our move-in was pretty hectic and she was so patient, and kind and flexible while we figured out when we could get together. She ended up coming to our house the week after we moved in, ready with a bag full of information, goodies, and answers to our many questions. What a kind and lovely thing she's doing- we're so very grateful for the warm welcome.
Emily Cooper

Had a wonderful visit today thanks so much Wendy for giving me so many cool things to do this summer with my daughter.
Tiesha McCall

After being away from Danvers for almost 5 years it was so nice to be welcomed back into town with a warm smile. Wendy came over with her bag of goodies and made us so much more informed and even brought a book for my daughter! Highly recommend calling her you will not be disappointed if you want a warm friendly greeting.
Amy Chaves

We were so happy this morning to welcome Wendy at our new home. She was a pleasure to talk with and a wealth of information for us as new residents in Peabody. We are looking forward to using some of the wonderful vendors that were recommended to us by Wendy. Thank you for making us feel welcome in our new community.
Clare Ann Brown-Zeimetz

Recently moved to Danvers and had a lovely visit with Wendy from Community Greetings. So many amazing company’s gave coupons and got some great information about our town. Definitely have them welcome you!
Julie G. Soucy

Love the community greetings! It has helped get my name out there in a non invasive manor not to mention when I moved into Peabody I was greeted and I loved it! I have used all my coupons !!! What a refreshing manor in bringing the community together!
Mandy Lucille Capone

I can’t believe I am finally in a community that I feel welcomed in. When Wendy came by with her welcoming bag of goodies, I was overwhelmed with warm feelings. Thank you Wendy, thank you Peabody!
Jeanne McIsaac

Wendy is a wonderful, kind, and knowledgable person! I loved having her come to my new home to welcome myself and my daughters! She gave me lots of helpful information about the Danvers area. I loved all my welcome gifts!! I would definitely recommend her services to anyone moving into the Danvers/Peabody area.
Erin Church McKinnon

Wendy is very kind, knowledgeable and thoughtful. I was completely touched by my welcoming gifts. What a lovely and thoughtful business! Thank you so much!!!
Nina Mitchell



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