Community Greetings is the professional ..
   home greeting service with a personal touch.

Your Community Greetings sales representative personally brings your message, gift and greeting into the homes of new residents and those celebrating joyous occasions. Because Community Greetings reaches people at a time when their buying habits are changing your business has the opportunity to provide just what they need - just when they need it!

Newly engaged couples, starting out, need so many household basics. A family moving to a new home will be looking for professional and personal services. They will be making decisions on major purchases and looking for home improvement, decorating and maintenance products and services. And new parents face a whole new set of needs - from clothing to equipment when they bring home their baby.

We present your gift - it can be a product from your business or any one of thousands of imprintable advertising specialties. Your gift will remind the new consumer of your business for years to come. Your representative will present your sales message along with a gift certificate inviting your new customer to your place of business to receive an in-store sample of goods or services.Working with local municipalities, we prepare and personally deliver Gift Bags filled with important community information such as:

  • voter registration forms
  • license applications
  • library hours
  • recycling schedules
  • emergency service numbers
  • information about youth groups and associations
  • child care providers, religious organizations
  • recreational opportunities in your area

Our Gift Bag also holds many free gifts and gift certificates from your local merchants!
Take advantage of a variety of savings and promotions from local business owners.
Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet and greet your newest customers!

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